Residents of Venice enjoy the plentiful greenery. Florida’s high precipitation rate keeps the area lush, and the state’s proximity to the equator means that most months have higher temperatures. The environment creates an ideal breeding ground for several types of pests. From mosquitoes to rodents, Venice residents see a variety of pests each year. One pest that is problematic in the area is ants.

Types Of Ants In Venice, FL

There are several types of destructive ants. Florida harvester ants are tiny but vicious. They deliver painful stings with venom. Although the bites simply hurt for most victims, some people require medical care. Fire ants are also vicious and cause painful stings when disturbed. While fire ants typically stick to the outdoors, you may see Florida harvester ants in your home. Any ant that delivers venom with a bite or sting can be dangerous to your health if you suffer an allergic reaction. In a few cases, allergic reactions have been fatal.

Carpenter ants are larger than most other types of ants. You may see them in your home or outdoors. If you have a shed, a garage or a house with several wood structures, the presence of these ants is usually because of the wood. Carpenter ants feed on wood and can destroy it. They create tunnel-like structures that give the wood a rough or bubbled appearance. You may see this pattern along eaves or on interior wood.

While they are not as common as other types of ants, Argentine ants are becoming a problem in Florida. They are not known to be aggressive and bite or sting humans like harvester ants. Argentine ants are known to attack other ant colonies. They can quickly destroy helpful ants, which feed off of insects that are harmful to your yard’s ecosystem. When Argentine ants monopolize the area, you may notice that your garden or landscaping features are gradually destroyed.

Small black ants and odorous house ants are known to invade food supplies. They enter your home through screens, crevices under doors and even cracks in the foundation. As their colonies grow, they continue searching for any crumbs. Ants can contaminate food supplies and be a visual nuisance. If you own a business, ants can disgust your customers and cause them to write negative reviews that hurt your reputation.

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Venice, FL

Removing and preventing ants is essential for good business if you own a company or for peace of mind if you are a homeowner. If you live in Southwest Florida, you inevitably have to share this portion of the planet with ants. However, it is better to make sure that they stay outdoors. When you notice problems with your garden, large colonies of red ants or ants in your home, it is time to call a pest professional.

At Hoskins Pest Control, we have been handling ant infestations for years. Our professionals know how to effectively remove problematic colonies quickly. If you own a business or simply want to keep the ants out of your home, we offer effective preventative treatments. We also offer a variety of different pest control services if you have issues with other pests. To learn more or for a free estimate, please call us today.