Tree Service in Southwest Florida

Landscaping and vegetation add to the street appeal of a property. Well-positioned trees, shrubs and ground cover enhance the overall look of a home or a business. Trees also provide shade from the hot sun during the day, which reduces the load on air conditioning and makes a home?s interior more comfortable.

Homeowners can usually do routine care for trees and other vegetation on their own, but some circumstances require professional help including:

  • Trees affected by pests
  • Trimming and pruning limbs
  • Fallen trees
  • Tree planting

Pests can kill a tree. Both pests native to the area and invasive species can quickly cause damage. Trees should be inspected regularly by a professional service to determine whether pests are present and recommend appropriate treatment. Not all treatments are effective on all pests, so using appropriate products is important. A licensed arborist knows what type of treatment is appropriate, from tree injections to soil applications. The professional will monitor the effectiveness of treatments and recommend continuing or additional treatments as required.

Trimming and pruning trees is both an art and a science. A professional arborist knows how each species is best trimmed to preserve the health of the tree and shape it to enhance its natural form. Topping, or cutting the top of a tree, a practice of some tree services, may damage a tree or cause uneven, scraggly growth. Proper trimming prolongs the life of a tree by encouraging air circulation and protecting it from damage in high winds. Pruning also helps trees develop strong root systems.

Seasonal storms and high winds typical of the Florida Gulf area can damage and even uproot trees. Removing fallen limbs or severely damaged trees is best left to professionals who have the equipment and experience to do the job right. Done incorrectly, tree removal can cause additional damage to lawns, buildings and other developed areas within a property.

If you would like to add trees to your property, a professional tree service will evaluate the types of soils, availability of water, amount of sunlight and the look that you want for your space, then recommend trees that will thrive in the unique conditions of your lot.

Hoskins Pest Control provides tree service in southwest Florida, including Charlotte, Lee, Manatee and Sarasota counties, working with ArborJet for pest management for trees and other vegetation. ArborJet has developed scientifically formulated tree injection strategies to protect trees from a number of pests common to the area. For more information give us a call and request that a member of our knowledgeable sales team come out and speak with you.

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