Located along Sarasota Bay in Florida, Sarasota residents enjoy the nearly year-round warmth and beautiful weather. The warm, humid climate helps to make the city lush with greenery, but it also attracts a wide variety of different types of pests. Fortunately, the experts at Hoskins Pest Control Inc. are available to help homeowners and businesses to keep pests away so that they can fully enjoy their environments.

Residential Pest Control

Pests that invade homes can cause living conditions that are unsanitary and that sicken people. If you believe that you have a pest problem, it is important for you to identify the types of pests that are present and then to take steps to eradicate them. Many residents of Sarasota commonly battle cockroaches, ticks, fleas, ants and rodents. Once your pests are identified, we can use the appropriate pest control solutions for their species. We are also able to take preventative measures in order to help to keep the pests from reentering your home in the future.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests can present big problems to businesses when they infest them. Businesses may also have trouble keeping pests out. If they are unable to keep the pests away, they may be subjected to fines, closures and reputational harms. It is very important for commercial establishments to have strong pest control services in place to keep their businesses healthy for their employers and customers. When pests are present in hotels, restaurants or other locations, their bottom lines may suffer. Getting help from the professionals at Hoskins Pest Control can help to keep pests out of your business so that you can continue to operate without problems.

Termite Pest Control

There are several species of termites in Sarasota, and it is vital for property owners to promptly address termite infestations. Termites can quickly cause substantial damage to structures because they feed on wood. If you see swarms of termites on your property or inside, see mud tubes or see damage, it is very important that you get help as soon as possible. Our team can determine whether or not you have an infestation of termites and eradicate the colonies that we find. We can also assess the damage that has been caused and use measures to keep termites away from your home or business in the future.

Lawn Care

A well-maintained lawn can help to make your home look more attractive. Professional lawn care services may help you to keep your lawn free of weeds and healthier. When lawns receive the proper attention, they may also be less attractive to biting insects and other pests. The lawn care professionals at Hoskins Pest Control can keep your plants, shrubs and trees in a great condition.

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If you have a pest control problem or need professional lawn care services, the experts at Hoskins Pest Control are able to help. We have more than 30 years of experience helping our residential and commercial customers to solve all of their pest control issues. For experienced and professional help, contact us today to schedule your consultation and to obtain your free quote.