A city like Port Charlotte provides residents with so much to do, from boating and fishing to hiking in the surrounding preserves and parks. It’s a wonderful place with plenty of sunshine to go around for both residents and visitors alike. Unfortunately, pests also like to make Port Charlotte their home while making life miserable for those who live here. Hoskins Pest Control has the remedy for stubborn pest infestations and can keep your home free of pests throughout the year.

Residential Pest Control

Many different pest species thrive in Port Charlotte and the surrounding area, such as roaches, ants and rodents. Bed bugs, fleas and ticks are also problems for many homeowners throughout the county. Whether it’s a fire ant colony or a roach infestation, you’ll want to eliminate the pests before their numbers increase and take over your home.

Our certified technicians specialize in general pest control and have the know-how to combat pests of any type. We provide thorough inspections, kill the pests and preventatively treat your home to stop future infestations in your living spaces.

Commercial Pest Control

No business owner should have to battle pest infestations. Not only does treating pests take up valuable time, but it also eats away at your profits when buying and relying on over-the-counter treatments. Pest infestations are serious problems for businesses as they can prevent people from visiting your restaurant, hotel or other establishments. Without professional assistance, pests can easily take over the interior and hurt your return on investment.

Our certified and licensed technicians will complete an inspection of your business and provide you with a detailed report. We’ll eliminate any infestation and create a customized prevention program to ensure a pest-free business over time.

Termite Control

Termites don’t care whether it’s a residence or a business; they’ll attack any wooden structure and devour it whole. These wood-damaging insects depend on wood as a food source and eat everything from picnic tables and lawn furniture to decks and housing frames. If a termite infestation goes unnoticed or untreated, it can cost you thousands in repair costs in a single year.

We provide termite control services for residential and business customers in Port Charlotte. We’ll treat infestations and use preventative solutions to stop future termite colonies from forming on your property.

Lawn Care

Pest infestations usually start in the yard and work their way into your home or business. If you have an overgrown lawn or built-up debris in the yard, you’re not only asking for an influx of pests but also unhealthy and unsightly grass. We provide thorough lawn care services that include weed control, ornamental care and irrigation, helping to eliminate pests and brown spots and giving you a clean, healthy lawn in no time.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Port Charlotte

Contact Hoskins Pest Control in Port Charlotte for a free estimate on our pest control and lawn care services. No matter if you’re dealing with numerous pests or an unkempt yard, our experienced technicians can handle the job quickly and efficiently with superior-quality results.