Ticks in Venice and Southwest Florida

Ticks are like tiny vampires—parasites that feed on your blood. If you’ve gone on a hike through the woods, you’ve probably found some ticks on your clothes or perhaps even attached to your body. In the warm tropical climate of cities throughout Southwest Florida, ticks are a constant threat to both humans and pets alike.

Worst of all, ticks—like mosquitoes—can spread diseases. From Lyme disease to tularemia to Rocky Mountain spotted fever, the diseases that ticks carry are no laughing matter and may cause major health problems. Thus, it’s important to avoid ticks where possible, and it’s why a tick infestation in your yard can be so serious.

Thankfully, Hoskins Pest Control has experience in helping our customers combat ticks. Our effective pest control services are also environmentally conscious, so be sure to give our experts a call to learn more about receiving a free pest control estimate.

How to Identify Ticks

Ticks are easy to overlook due to their size. Just a few millimeters long, ticks can easily hide in the folds of clothing and sometimes aren’t even immediately noticeable if they’re attached to your skin. Though there are many different species of ticks—including the American dog tick, the lone star tick, and the soft tick, among others—they are extremely similar in size and shape.

Like spiders, ticks fall under the class of Arachnida, hence why they have eight legs. You can tell a tick apart from spiders from their relatively short legs, flat bodies, lack of web-spinning ability, and distinctive sac they use to store blood. Ticks come in two varieties: hard ticks, which feature a hard dorsal shield that covers their blood sac, and soft ticks, which lack a dorsal shield.

How to Prevent Ticks at Home

Since ticks are parasites that consume blood, they follow the wildlife by attaching to their skin and falling off once they’ve had their fill. Consequently, your yard is ground zero for fighting off ticks if you have pets or animals living around the premises.

Some of the best ways you can combat ticks are related to keeping your yard clean and being aware of places that ticks live. Consider:

  • Bagging grass and leaves
  • Keeping your lawn trimmed short
  • Separating wooded areas from your lawn with mulch
  • Getting rid of tall weeds or bushes

Ticks also commonly attach themselves to your pets, especially dogs when they spend time outdoors in your lawn. Pets’ fur can make it difficult to see if ticks have embedded themselves in the skin. Check around your pet’s tail, under their collar, between their toes, and around their ears.

To remove ticks from you or your pet, get a pair of clean, fine-tipped tweezers. Firmly but carefully grip the tick as close to the skin as possible, and pull slowly and evenly until you remove its entire body. Do not crush a tick while it’s attached. Afterward, clean the area around the tick bite, as well as your hands, with soap and water.

Time Is Ticking: Terrific Tick Control Is Available Near You

Ticks are sneaky, tiny parasites that are easy to overlook yet can pose serious health risks for you and your pets. And while there are precautionary measures you can take to keep them away, no DIY solution can fully prevent ticks around your Florida property. That’s where Hoskins Pest Control steps in. We’ve got the technology and the experienced pest professionals that can help protect your home and loved ones from ticks. Give our team a call today or contact us online for a free pest control estimate!

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