Silverfish in Southwest Florida

Silverfish have been around since before the dinosaurs—and they’re not going anywhere soon. These metallic, quick-moving insects happily invade homes across Southwest Florida in search of environments with high humidity, moisture, and plenty of starchy materials to chow down on. Learn more about how to identify and prevent this prehistoric pest, or contact Hoskins Pest Control for help keeping them away.

How to Identify Silverfish

The aptly-named silverfish has a metallic-silver exterior with a shape and movements similar to fish. These insects require high-humidity spaces to survive for an extended period in your home; thus, they are most often found around basements, bathrooms, attics, and garages. Additionally, they feed on materials such as paper, fabrics, glue, and some foods like flour. Silverfish do not bite but can damage wallpaper, books, clothing, and other belongings if left undiscovered. Plus, these nocturnal insects are good at hiding and scuttling away before you can catch them.

Identifying characteristics of silverfish include:

  • About 1/2 to 3/4 inch long
  • Shiny and silver to brown-gray in color
  • Shaped like a teardrop
  • Two antennae and three bristly appendages at tail end
  • No wings
  • Quick horizontal and vertical movements

How to Prevent Silverfish at Home

Silverfish are a common winter pest in Florida. Though our region doesn’t see frigid temperatures, the insects still seek out the shelter that a home can offer. Moisture, warmth, humidity, and easy access to food are all perfect invitations for a silverfish infestation.

Some of the best ways to prevent silverfish around your property include:

  • Dehumidify damp spaces.
  • Make sure food is sealed and put away (especially sugars and starches).
  • Close and seal up pest entry points like gaps, cracks, and crevices around your home and foundation.
  • Boost the effectiveness of all these methods with regular, professional pest control treatments.

Send Silverfish Out of Your Space with Pest Control

Silverfish can find plenty of reasons to make your home their home—until they’re evicted. If silverfish are still slithering around your walls and munching on your belongings despite your best efforts to deprive them of resources, comprehensive insect control services from Hoskins Pest Control can help. Call our team today or contact us online for a free pest control estimate!

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