Pest Control Services for your Home in Southwest Florida

Florida residents enjoy living in the state for its warm weather, sun filled days and tropical foliage. Unfortunately, many pests like Florida for the same reasons, so you may need to be aggressive when it comes to pest control, especially in Sarasota, North Port, & the surrounding areas in Southwest Florida.

Our Pest Control Services:

Common Florida Pests

In Florida, you are likely to deal with pests like mosquitos, ticks and cockroaches. Termites, bed bugs and rodents are also a pest problem in the state. Ticks and mosquitos can invade your yard while cockroaches frequently infest people?s homes. The activity levels of mosquitos gain momentum during the summer months, so consider contacting a pest control expert before mosquito season arrives. Ticks reside in wooded and foliage-rich areas. If your home is in this type of location, then an infestation is more likely to occur. Cockroaches and rodents are a year-round problem for Floridians since the state features favorable annual living conditions for the pests. Termites frequently arrive in the spring whereas bed bugs usually show up with the tourists.

Gaining Entry

Pests are wily critters, and they can get inside your home or business in clever and unsuspected ways. They get into your home through holes in walls as well as by cracks around windows and doors. Rodents can gain entry through surprisingly small spaces. For instance, mice enter homes through dime size holes. Rats are able to squeeze through openings that are about the size of a quarter. Also, some beasties get into your home because you bring them in inadvertently. Bed bugs often hitch a ride in your suitcase while ticks frequently infest your home after they infiltrate your dog or cat. The best way to handle a bug or rodent infestation is to contact a pest control company as soon as you suspect that creatures have gained access to your home, yard or business.

What’s the Damage?

Pests cause economic and aesthetic damage. Financial harm includes the destruction of your home?s wood elements because of hungry termites as well as cabbage maggots making a meal out of the vegetables in your garden. Rodents may chew through wires, which could cause a fire. This type of damage may diminish your home?s value or make it dangerous to live in. Pests create holes and cracks in walls, and this activity results in an unpleasant appearance. They can also destroy the fabric on your chairs and sofa along with the drapes that dress up your windows.

Germs and Diseases

When pests make your home or property their home, they can transfer unpleasant and dangerous diseases to you and your family. Mosquitos are responsible for the spread of West Nile Virus. The bugs can also carry Eastern Equine Encephalitis disease. Ticks may transmit Lyme disease or Rickettsia Parkeri Rickettsiosis to humans. Mice can bring Hanta Virus into your home while rats carry diseases like salmonellosis and leptospirosis. Cockroaches are known to spread dangerous diseases like cholera, tuberculosis and leprosy. The pests also contribute to allergies and asthma.

When you Need Pest Control

In Florida, beasties crawl, fly and skitter. To keep them away from your home, business and property, consider signing up for a service plan through a pest control company. At Hoskins, we offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and bi-annual plans. You can also contact us for a one-time service call to handle pests that are unlikely to reappear. We have the best available rating from the Better Business Bureau, and our company has been in operation and providing service to Sarasota, North Port, & Southwest Florida for more than 25 years. Give us a call to handle all of your pest needs today.

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