Ornamental Care Services in Venice, FL & Surrounding Areas

Ornamental plants add distinction to your yard, reflecting the investment that they represent in your landscape. Uniquely beautiful, they have needs that are not the same as ordinary plants and grasses. Choosing the best type of fertilizer for ornamentals in Florida and understanding when to apply it requires knowledge and experience. Providing service since 1987, we know how to make the proper application of fertilizers and pesticides to keep your ornamentals in good shape.

Choosing the Right Fertilizer

Feeding ornamental plants is more complicated than it may appear, and all fertilizers are not the same. Certain times of the year are more appropriate for fertilizing than others, because plants typically feed during their growing season. Each ornamental has a preferred time of the year for pruning, and cutting a plant back at the wrong time can prevent its blooms from appearing next year.

Your newly planted or established ornamentals need proper care so that they can stay healthy and maintain an attractive appearance in your landscape. Our ornamental care services include regular fertilization with the right nutrients, watering, mulching, pruning and pest control. Ornamentals in Florida landscapes require a dedicated effort that helps them thrive.

Choosing Accents for Your Yard

Popular ornamentals in Florida landscapes include azaleas, oleaner, jasmine, and wisteria. Ornamental shrubs of Chinese hat are showy with a colorful flower, and they make a beautiful display when they are maintained at a proper height. Star jasmine, hibiscus, viburnum, Cocoplum, and gardenia are ornamentals that create privacy and beauty in your yard.

Low height, flowering trees create excellent focal points at the entry to your home or at the corners. Keeping their height at the appropriate level can provide notable accents to your fa?ade that makes it appealing to friends and family. An advantage of flowering trees is that they provide homes for birds, and they attract butterflies. A lovely scent in the air at night from flowering shrubs or trees is a reminder of the reasons that you have ornamentals in your landscape.

Ornamental Care From Hoskins

Cultivating ornamentals shows that you have an appreciation of the beauty that they bring to your yard. Showy foliage or colorful blooms provide an ambiance in your yard that reflects your knowledge and sophistication. Our complete service for your ornamentals and shrubs assures you that they receive the proper care. At Hoskins Pest Control, we put our expertise to work for you.

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