Situated near the Gulf Coast of Florida, Nokomis is known for its seashore, fishing and relaxed way of life. Featuring approximately 256 sunny days and 54 inches of rainfall per year, Nokomis has an attractive and welcoming climate. Residents appreciate the fact that they live in an area with relatively warm temperatures. People who live in Nokomis do not need to worry about shoveling snow or slipping on ice. Unfortunately, the weather also attracts numerous types of pests.

Beware of Bats Hiding in your Attic

You may not realize that bats live in Nokomis, Florida. One thing in a bat’s favor is that it eats insects. However, bats are also known carriers of rabies. If you do not appreciate the thought of getting bit by a bat, the best thing to do is to contact Hoskins Pest Control for immediate assistance.

A Few Words About Guano

Although bats are relatively harmless unless they feel threatened, they are pests that can cause health problems. Bat droppings, known as guano, carry germs that may cause health issues. Besides the fact that guano has an extremely foul odor, the droppings host fungi that can cause anyone in your family to contract a lung disease called histoplasmosis. If bats feel comfortable living inside your home, you need to act promptly.

Getting Rid of Bats is a Simple Process

Eliminating bats is a matter of weatherstripping your home with durable materials. Pesticides are not typically used to control bat populations. Technicians also inspect your house to find out if there are any cracks or openings. Using netting and sealant helps keep bats outside where they belong.

Rodents Enjoy Living in Tropical Climates

Living in Florida has its advantages. However, rodents also enjoy the pleasant weather conditions. Mice and rats can enter your house through the tiniest spaces. You may think that a rodent needs a fairly large hole to cause mischief in your kitchen. However, a mouse can find its way inside your home via a small hole with the circumference of a dime. Mice and rats can gain entry to your home via a pipe or even your roof.

Those Black Droppings are Not Caraway Seeds

If you happen to cook with caraway seeds, pay special attention to kitchen cupboards and countertops. You may see small black droppings that look similar to caraway seeds because the ends are slightly curved. Unless you have been pouring seeds out of a spice bottle within the recent past, you are viewing rodent droppings.

Real Rodents do Not Live Inside Cartoons

It is one thing to think about mice as harmless creatures seen in animated films and cartoons, but reality dictates that these animals are pests. If you have young children living in your house, you want to pay special attention to eliminating rodents.

Time is a Valuable Aspect of your Life

While you can certainly take several days, weeks or even months trying to find barely noticeable holes with the help of your flashlight, it is easier to call a reputable pest control company. Contact Hoskins Pest Control for all your pest control needs today.