Lakewood Ranch has the perfect name given the fact that so many lakes surround this small community in Florida. Those who live here are far enough away from Tampa to enjoy some peace and quiet without being too far from modern conveniences. Though it’s a great place to live, pest insects and rodents cause problems for businesses and residences throughout the area. Hoskins Pest Control wants to keep pests out of places where you live and work using environmentally responsible methods.

Residential Pest Control

Florida’s heat and humidity combine to create the perfect environment for pests. Unfortunately, many of them set up camp in residential yards across Lakewood Ranch. As property infestations rise, the more likely it is for pests to find ways inside homes. Everything from mice to ants and roaches breeds and spread quickly inside and outside. Our licensed technicians professionally treat pests of all types and can help to eliminate and to prevent them no matter the time of year.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests don’t just infest homes in Lakewood Ranch; they also infiltrate and cause problems for businesses. Whether it’s termites or ants, having an infestation is bad news as it can lead customers to take their business elsewhere. Rodents and cockroaches transmit diseases, and bedbugs breed so quickly that it’s hard to treat them with conventional methods. Our experienced technicians will help to eliminate a pest infestation in your business and develop a customized program to keep them out for the foreseeable future.

Termite Control

Termites band together in colonies and head out as a collective group to feed on wood. In the wild, these insects eat and break down old logs and trees. However, when they enter communities, they attack wooden structures like homes, businesses, fences, and decks. They look almost identical to ants, so it’s easy to misidentify a colony when you see it. We specialize in termite control and can easily identify the problem species. We’ll take curative action and also use preventative solutions to kill an infestation and to keep future termites from destroying your property.

Lawn Care

A well-maintained, beautiful lawn raises your property value and causes your home to stand out on the block. It generates positive curbside appeal and makes you want to spend time outdoors in your own yard. Alternatively, an unhealthy lawn decreases your home’s value and attracts various insect pests and weeds. We provide lawn care services to eliminate weeds, to stomp out infestations and to generate lush, green grass. We’ll treat your lawn for pests and help to make it look as beautiful as possible through every season.

Eco-Friendly Lakewood Ranch Pest Control

Contact Hoskins Pest Control to get your free, no-obligation quote and to speak with our technicians about a thorough inspection. We use environmentally responsible pest control to eliminate unwanted pests without harming your family or the environment.