Old Florida is alive and thriving in Bradenton, which was once largely known as the winter home of circus folks. The beach areas facing the Gulf of Mexico take up 20 miles of the coastline on the west side while the east end has seen massive growth as more year-round and winter residents move in. The beaches are shaded by towering Australian pines although Fort de Soto National Park offers more in terms of native scrub, oak trees, and rare bird sightings. This Manatee County city has the unique advantage of being adjacent to Sarasota, known as the sophisticated cultural hub for west central Florida. As such, the locals have convenient access to the Ringling Museum, Ringling College of Art and Design, New College and a host of galleries and museums.

Residential Pest Control

Heat, humidity and the absence of extreme temperature changes even in winter ensures that just about everything grows and thrives in the Bradenton area, including many of the most common residential pests. Rodents and other small mammals such as raccoons live in the nearby woods and feed on garbage. Termites thrive in this climate as do ants, roaches, and rodents. Flea and tick problems can be bothersome to both pets and humans and may be difficult to eradicate. Consistent and strategic residential pest control strategies include prevention, early detection and the application of safe extermination processes.

There are various steps you can take as a homeowner to make sure that your property is free of pests. Keep your home clean with food storage sealed to avoid ant and roach infestation. Make sure to repair cracks or holes that allow pests to get into your home, and keep brush and landscape plantings away from structures. Schedule regular inspections by pest pros to look at hard-to-reach areas.

Commercial Pest Control

Business owners have a reputation to uphold and running clean, pest-free operations is a must especially if you have to deal with the general public. Additionally, businesses have to comply with safety, hygiene, and other building codes or risk penalties from local authorities. Commercial pest control management means committing to scheduled inspections and immediate mitigation of damages caused by pests to ensure safety and structural integrity.

Termite Control

On average, termite infestations cause $30 billion annually in damages to structures. Termites multiply quickly, eating their way through wood pulp, and other building components. Often, major damage has already been done by the time termite infestation becomes evident. Proactive measures to minimize damages from termites include application of chemical barriers to protect residential and commercial structures along with professional inspections at regular intervals.

Lawn Care

A lush and healthy lawn is a source of pride for many property owners. It contributes to better home values for your property and the entire neighborhood. But taking care of your lawn can be a major commitment of time and resources because it’s more than just mowing and edging. Irrigation, fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide applications and other practices to ensure your lawn’s healthy appearance must be done on schedule. You will also have to comply with existing environmental regulations applicable to the use of lawn care products.

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